Wedding Bands – What to choose for the guys

Wedding Bands


As your wedding day draws near couple have to decide on their wedding bands. In a lot of cases this is made easy by the choice of the engagement ring. Wedding band should fit and match the engagement ring and quite often rings are sold as bridal sets.

The choice becomes tougher for the guys as there is a large variety of options available in design materials.

Traditionally guys wedding bands have been made from gold either 9ct or 18ct. These rings can include a pattern or engraving and may also include a diamond setting. In the past few years there have been options in the material that the ring is made of.

Titanium has become a popular choice with guys as it is low in cost compared to gold. Titanium rings are also hypo-allergenic and scratch resist. They also come in a variety of shapes and styles that may include inlays of silver, gold or both.

One thing to be aware of when choosing a Titanium ring is that they are very difficult to size if the finger grows or shrinks. Sizing can be done but only by jewellers with specialised laser equipment. For this reason Titanium Wedding Rings are custom made for you.

Wedding Band prices will vary depending on the size and material and from whom you purchase it from. For this reason its best to get a wedding band quote from a number of NZ Jewellers.