The Magic of the Evenstar Necklace

The Evenstar Pendant

The Evenstar Pendant

The Evenstar Pendant features in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and is given by Arwen to Aragon as a symbol of her eternal love for him. The original Tolkien Lord of the Rings novels do not feature the Evenstar and this was an addition to the movie trilogy by Peter Jackson.

The Magic of the Evenstar Necklace captures the essence of the love between Arwen and Aragon and is skillfully recreated by middle earths jewellers for you.

Since the release of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy the Evenstar has become an established symbol of love and friendship and is given as a gift to girlfriends, wifes and lovers. It is an especially popular gift around Christmas time and for Valentines.

Crafted in silver the Evenstar is inspired by the flowing intertwining lines of the art nouveau style and there are a few slightly different version for sale most licensed by Warner Brothers. The “American” version although made from sterling silver uses crystal or mirror backed glass to form the star. Unfortunately this means that it is not suitable for wearing as the glass quickly falls out.

The version made under license from Middle Earth New Zealand uses cubic zirconia which is a synthetic diamond. These stones are set into the pendant with claws just the same way as a diamond is set into a ring. This makes it very secure and enables the pendant to be worn without any problems. The cubic zirconia setting gives the pendant the qualities of both a star and a flower. Read more…..