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The Lord of the Rings Ring

The Lord of the Rings Ring

Since the release of the Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy by Peter Jackson the “One Ring” of Power  has grown in statue and has been sort after by many LOTR fans all around the world. There have been many versions of the rings made. There are the usual cheap knock offs coming out of China and there are the official licensed product as approved by Warner Brothers and New Line Pictures.

One of the Official LOTR One Rings is made by the Official Ringmaker in Middle Earth New Zealand. Available in either gold or sterling silver these rings are made to a high quality and come with a 5 Year Guarantee.

The Original One Ring as seen in the Hobbit movies does not have the Elvish Script that instantly recognises the Ring as the LOTR One Ring. In the Movies the Script only appears once the One Ring is placed in a fire. It is the LOTR One Ring with the Elvish Script that has proven to be the most popular amongst LOTR Fans.

The Gold Lord of the Rings Ring has become a popular wedding Ring crafted out of either 9 or 18ct gold and have been the centre of many LOTR Themed wedding ceremonies.

The Silver LOTR One Rings have become apopular dress ring and these like the gold One Ring come with many variations of the defining Elvish Script.

You to can become the Ring Bearer and have your own LOTR One Ring of Power when you buy the One Ring direct from Middle Earths Official Ringmaker at or