Casio Releases New Leopard Print BABY-G into NZ

Leopard Series Baby-G

Casio New Zealand have announced today the latest additions to its BABY-G based on the concept of Tough, Cool. The new BA-110LP Leopard Series features a leopard print design.

BA-110 has inherited many features from the G-SHOCK GA-110, such as a shape of design, combination analog/digital display and a face with a three-dimensional look, the BA-110 is a compact and slim watch to suit the wrist of women. This slightly masculine design features have gained popularity with women who enjoy street fashion.
The new BA-110LP series features a leopard print over the entire watch including the watchband and bezel — a look that goes well with a cap and sneakers, the series is the perfect accessory for the woman’s street fashion.

The series is available from leading retailers in NZ including Christies Jewellery and Watches in two colours.  The BA-110LP-7A comes in classic white accented by pink hands. The gorgeous BA-110LP-9A is rendered in a soothing brown with a gold-coloured dial. Since metal accents are used for the dials of all the new models, they convey a cool look.

For further information visit Christies Online