Galadriel’s Nenya Ring of Adamant

Galadriels Nenya Ring of Adamant

This week has see the exciting release of The Hobbit Trailer for the Battle of of Five Armies due for release in December. Its also been a time to reflect on the classics of the past from the Lord of  the Rings Trilogy.

One of these classics is the ever popular ring of Adamant or the Nenya ring worn by the ring bearer Galadriel.

Nenya, also named the White Ring, the Ring of Adamant, and the Ring of Water, is one of the Rings of Power, specifically, one of the Three Rings of the Elves of Middle-earth. The name is derived from the Quenya Nén meaning water.

Galadriel, the Queen of the Elves, is the ring bearer of the beautiful ring known as Nenya in the Fellowship of the Ring. Also referred to as the Ring of Water, Nenya is reproduced in stunning detail out of solid sterling silver and set with a brilliant cubic zirconia beneath the laced silver atop the ring. Nenya was the second ring and was made of mithril and adorned with a “white stone”, presumably a diamond.

This ring has been carefully by Middle Earth’s Official Jeweller whom under License from Warner Brothers custom make this ring to your size. Crafted out of Sterling Silver and Set with a cubic Zirconia this ring replicates the original ring as made for the LOTR movies. For further details click here for Galadriel’s Nenya Ring of Adamant