LK018 Evolve Baby Kiwi Silver Charm Proud to be a Kiwi

LK018-Baby-Kiwi-(Born-in-NZ)The Kiwi is a much loved and famously endangered New Zealand bird. It is also the name we fondly give to ourselves and the name which other countries affectionately know us by. The Kiwi is a treasured national icon.

Evolve New Zealand charms are designed to reflect our unique culture and spectacular landscapes.  Evolve New Zealand silver charms are made of high quality 925 silver.  The collection features traditional cultural symbols and iconic kiwi designs.  Each treasured design has a special meaning. Evolve Charms represent Our Memories, Our Icons and Our Places.

The  Evolve LK018 Silver Kiwi charm is a symbol of our great pride in all that makes Aotearoa beautiful and unique. It is very popular by both Kiwi’s at home and abroad and by visitors to New Zealand.

Christies Jewellery stores are stockists of Evolve New Zealand Silver and Gold Charms and the complete range is available at Christies Online

Evolve New Zealand Charms are compatible with other major brands such as Silverado, Tedora and Pandora. Evolve charms will also fit the Lovelinks universal bracelets. Of course Evolve have their own Bracelets and unlike other brands the Evolve Bracelet comes with a free stopper to stop your charms coming off when the bracelet is undone.

Evolve Charms NZ

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